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About the Logo

Our Logo is pretty artistic, and we keep getting compliments for it. I’ll explain the rationale behind the design.

The reason for the intricate artwork is a stubborn decision of the CEO that it should be an Ambigram. It had to look the same upside down too! None of the web based Ambigram generators could design something for NoPo and in came the chief logo designer Nagesh Sharma. Using years of experience he created an amazing ambigram that spelled NoPo.

Since, the company exists for Carbon Nanotubes, he decided to give them prominence and used up two Carbon Nanotubes. Nanotubes are easily visualized as being formed by folding graphen and hence Graphene was given a central place right in the middle. The Hexagons are part of a larger Graphene sheet.

The ‘O’s and ‘N’s have those long lines in order to symbolize something clasping an object. Here is shows us clasping graphene to clasp Carbon nanotubes which is a symbol of our ambition to encapsulate these markets completely.

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