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NoPo Nanotechnologies 

NoPo Nanotechnologies is a company established in 2011 that specializes in creating space-grade single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT). The company's goal is to develop a material that is strong, light, conductive, and radiation-resistant to enable progress from Sapiens to Spaciens. Carbon nanotubes possess these properties, but they are difficult and expensive to produce. NoPo has developed a technology to produce SWCNTs at scale and at a low cost to increase adoption in various industries.

HiPCO® in Your World

Carbon Nanotubes are one of the most robust materials known to humanity. They exhibit a tensile strength of approximately 100 times that of steel while being ten times lighter; they are 1000 times better conductors of electricity than copper and are better heat conductors than diamonds. HiPCO produced by NoPo has been accepted by customers across the world in various applications.

Solar Panels

HiPCO® Applications

EV Batteries
Water Membrane

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Sustainability With Us!


As per Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the production of materials accounts for approximately 45% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

A large part of this emission is on account of high emission processes like mining, smelting and kiln firing.


The remarkable properties of CNTs including high strength, low weight, and high electrical conductivity make them an excellent material of choice to replace high emission materials.

Their high surface area and excellent electrical conductivity allow for more efficient storage and release of energy in EV Batteries.


Their light weight and high strength make them an excellent choice for reducing heavy copper wires to make lighter aircrafts, satellites and vehicles.

Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNTs) have a unique property that allows a single molecule of water to pass through, making them an excellent water filtration medium. HiPCO Nanotubes, with a mean diameter of 0.8nm, can transport water molecules up to 100 times faster than any known pore, resulting in faster and more efficient desalination processes. This technology can help alleviate the growing water crisis by producing more freshwater in less time and with less energy.

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