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Carbon Nanotube

Ushering in the Carbon Age using HiPCO® Carbon Nanotubes


Single Walled Carbon Nanotube
Improving lives with breakthrough Water Filtration, high capacity Batteries, faster Electronics and more
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NoPo Nanotechnologies was founded in 2011 to produce high quality Carbon Nanotubes. The founder's vision was to use the material to create a spacefaring human civilization. In the early days; everybody said that it was Not Possible to develop such a material at scale. In a cheeky response; the company was named NoPo for Not Possible. This has become part of the company's DNA. 


It took multiple failures, learnings and over 5 years to develop HiPCO® technology. The method has been upgraded continuously. After successful development of HiPCO it was Now Possible to develop applications. The team listed over 135 different applications. With inputs from programs such as Singularity University; it was decided to pursue water filtration.  


HiPCO® Nanotubes are incredibly small. They are capable of transporting water molecule by molecule rapidly. Upto a 100x faster than anything we know. it is Now Possible to develop membranes that can extract clean water from any source! Techniques developed to refine Nanotubes for water have led to material suitable for Batteries, Electronics and various other applications. 
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