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NoPo Nanotechnologies has been pioneering the research and development of Single walled carbon nanotubes and its applications since 2011. The company has successfully achieved industrial scale production of small diameter single walled carbon nanotubes and has been supplying for various industries since 2018 including semiconductors, electronics, EV batteries, healthcare and others. 

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NoPo Technology

NoPo has developed a highly scalable industry level gas phase chemical vapor deposition system for producing high-quality single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs). This system operates at high temperatures and pressures, resulting in SWCNTs with low structural defects and superior intrinsic properties. The process is substrate-free and can run continuously for up to 72 hours, allowing for industrial-scale production of SWCNTs at NoPo's facilities.

NoPo Tech in Your World

We understand the industry's requirement of high purity SWCNT without any catalyst presence. At NoPo we have also developed patented technology for purification of Nanotubes to remove 99% of catalyst particles to produce high pure SWCNT suitable for electronics, healthcare and battery operations. 

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The incredible people behind NoPo

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Gadhadar Reddy

Founder & CEO

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Visionary, Leader and Entrepreneur. He is a creative Engineer with a passion for enabling humans to be a space faring species using Carbon Nanotubes.


Arunima Patel

Co-founder & CBO

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10+ years of entrepreneurial experience with successful fund raising and exit


Anto Godwin

Co-founder & COO

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Energetic, brilliant inventor and engineer. He is keen to make a positive impact on the world using Nanotechnology.


Aakib Memon


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Versatile, strong-willed and autodidact. He is an Innovator and a resourceful person with immense knowledge in Mechanical, Technology and Finance who aims to make India a product based country.


Eldho Kurian


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A dynamic and smart Engineer with expertise in advanced materials and lab techniques. He aims to create the world's strongest fiber using Carbon Nanotubes.


Vivek C Reddy

Chief Evangelist, Investor

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Vivek strongly believes in NoPo's vision of creating technology that will enable humans to be a space faring species. He wears the hat of a chief evangelist and propagates our vision at various forums.


Dr. Rajat Rakkhit

Advisor - Strategy, Chief of Strategy

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Strategic thinker and a Business Leader. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive with leadership and broad management experience in high-tech industries. 


Dr.Sivaram Arepalli

Advisor - HiPCO

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Extensive research experience in the production, processing and applications of nanomaterials. He is passionate about teaching and developing novel applications.


Dr. Robert Kelley Bradley

Co-Founder, Advisor - HiPCO

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Great teacher and Innovator. He invented HiPCO along with acclaimed Nobel Laureate Dr Richard Smalley. Dr Smalley shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering Fullerenes.

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