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Yellow Spheres


HiPCO® was invented at Rice University under the guidance of Nobel Laureate, Dr.Richard Smalley. NoPo's co-founder Dr.Robert Kelley Bradley was the PhD student that built and fine-tuned the first reactors. HiPCO® was reengineered and revived in 2011 under the guidance of NoPo’s co-founders Gadhadar Reddy and Dr.Kelley Bradley in Bangalore. 

Our Products

HiPCO® is considered benchmark Nanotube and is used in applications where specific, repeatable properties are required.  

At NoPo we have established the continuous process to manufacture single-walled carbon nanotubes of such small diameters in bulk.

Raman Spectrum .png

The G band of the Raman signature of NoPo HiPCO 

Thermogram- TGA.png

TGA Plot of NoPo HiPCO 

Advantages offered by small diameter NoPo SWCNT


  • Smaller diameters are easier to disperse and stay in a dispersion longer.

  • Small Diameter Nanotubes have the highest tensile strength. 

  • SWCNT properties are precisely defined unlike MWCNT. This leads to a more consistent product. 

  • Fe is easy to remove using our proprietary Halogenation process. It is not practical to remove all the other catalyst components such as Co, Bimetal, etc. Present in other commercially available nanotubes.   

  • We have developed methods to functionalize and disperse Nanotubes in most common solvents. Due to high consistency of product. Results remain same from batch to batch. 

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