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NoPo has been supplying high quality single walled carbon nanotubes since 2015

Using proprietary HiPCO® process NoPo has achieved industrial scale production of nanotubes with following properties

80% - 99.9%

Purity Level

Dia 0.8+/0.2nm

High Conductivity

G/D > 40

High Dispersibility

Our Products

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Sold under trademark HiPCO® high purity versatile material being used for applications ranging from electronics, medical, fiber, coating and 100+ others


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Purified of all metallic impurities using proprietary method specially developed for Li Ion battery applications

Battery grade SW CNT

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suitable for IR sensors, electronics, biomedical application. Purity >90% 

Semiconducting SW CNT

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Single chiral CNT gives our electronic customers ability to control bang gap. We supply in mg quantities and rapidly scaling up. Purity >80%

Single Chiral SW CNT

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High electron mobility/conductivity specially developed for electronic application. Purity >90%

Metallic SW CNT

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Carbonyl/Nickel detector  

"NoPo® Carbonyl Detectors, the ultimate solution for accurate and reliable measurement of Nickel and Iron Carbonyl in the presence of Carbon Monoxide with a range of 1PPB and response time of 0.2sec

Ask our experts on how HiPCO could be relevant in your business

Metallic SW CNT

suitable for IR sensors, electronics, biomedical application. Purity >90% 

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