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HiPCO® is considered benchmark Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes and is used in applications where specific, repeatable properties are required. 

Single-walled carbon nanotube of High-pressure carbon monoxide (HiPCO) method: 

HiPCO® is considered benchmark Nanotube and is used in applications where specific, repeatable properties are required.



At NoPo we have established the continuous process to manufacture single-walled carbon nanotubes of such small diameters in bulk.

G/D ratio: 24, RBM Peaks: 272, 228cm-1 Average diameter of the nanotubes is ~ 0.8nm 

Raman Spectrum .png

The G band of the Raman signature of NoPo HiPCO 

Thermogram- TGA.png

TGA Plot of NoPo HiPCO 

The material contains ~85% of carbon and ~15% of residue (non-carbonaceous impurity), estimated by the thermogram.


There is no significant weight loss around 100-200°C which indicates very less or no moisture content in the material. 

UV_Vis_NIR Spectrum.png

UV_Vis_NIR Spectrum of NoPo HiPCO SWCNT Dispersion 

HiPCO Under a microscope 

March Raw_06.tif
March Raw_08.tif

Advantages offered by small diameter NoPo SWCNT


  • Smaller diameters are easier to disperse and stay in a dispersion longer.

  • Small Diameter Nanotubes have the highest tensile strength. 

  • SWCNT properties are precisely defined unlike MWCNT. This leads to a more consistent product. 

  • Fe is easy to remove using our proprietary Halogenation process. It is not practical to remove all the other catalyst components such as Co, Bimetal, etc. Present in other commercially available nanotubes.   

  • We have developed methods to functionalize and disperse Nanotubes in most common solvents. Due to high consistency of product. Results remain same from batch to batch. 

Ask our experts on how HiPCO could be relevant in your business

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