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HiPCO® was invented at Rice University under the guidance of Nobel Laureate, Dr.Richard Smalley. NoPo's co-founder Dr.Robert Kelley Bradley was the PhD student that built and fine tuned the first reactors. Efforts at Rice University dwindled shortly after the unexpected demise of Dr.Smalley in 2005. HiPCO® was reingineered and revived in 2011 under the guidance of our founders Gadhadar Reddy and Dr.Kelley Bradley in Bangalore. Diligent efforts by the team led to a HiPCO reactor that is extremely stable, reliable and admired. Anto Godwin joined the team and fine tuned the process to produce the material whose specs are shown below.

HIPCO Advantage

HIPCO are a superior alternative to competition. Usage of low cost raw materials gives us the ability to scale production to meet any application. See how HiPCO fares against competition


We are passionate about bringing the benefits of Carbon Nanotube to all. 


NoPo has obsessed with quality & Repeatability. From fine tuned diameters to quality testing


Our raw material is Carbon Monoxide that can be produced from Carbon Dioxide


HiPCO has proven consistency 5 years running. Production can be scaled in months.

2022-06 SEM of HiPCO.jpg
UV Vis Data.jpg
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