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Differences Between NoPo HiPCO and Rice HiPCO

The NoPo HiPCO technology has branched off from the Rice HiPCO. It uses new materials and newer techniques for mixing gases in order to improve the product and ensure stability.

These advances and improvements in pursuit of the best possible Nanotubes has led to some marked differences between the two materials.

1. 300% lesser Iron as Catalyst when compared with Rice HiPCO.

2. Higher percentage of small diameter Nanotubes.

3. Highly Hydrophobic (Due to higher small diameter SWCNT)

4. Higher Bandgap

5. Higher oxidation temperature in TGA due to low catalyst content.

6. Photoluminiscence due to presence of small diameter tubes.

7. Easy dispersion in organic solvents.

8. Only NoPo HiPCO SWCNT are currently in production.

We’d love to hear from your experiments and help you make a better product.

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