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DIY Thermogravimetric Analyzer

In order to see and better understand Carbon Nanotubes, we need sophisticated analytical equipment. Since few are made in India, they need to be imported after paying exorbitant fees and have to live with zero technical support.

One such instrument that was needed at NoPo is a Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer. This is a device that precisely measures weight of a sample as it is being heated. The weight loss and temperature measurement gives information about the structure of the material, phase changes and presence of contaminants.

NoPo Instrumentation team went ahead and built an ultra low cost TGA using off-the shelf components and open-source hardware. We are today happy to release these designs to the public domain for anyone to build their own TGA for less than ₹15,000 (US$300) with performance similar to that of a ₹15,00,000/- (US$30,000) instrument. We are happy to assist anyone who wants to build more of these instruments.

This project was funded by VGST. The team was supervised by Divyashree (Asst.Prof SVIT) and Gadhadar (NoPo). The project was built entirely by interns from BMSCE and SVIT College. Sujay from BMS College of Engineering designed the hardware and software interfaces with able assistance of interns Vidyashree and Sharma from SVIT.

Please use the form below to get a copy of the detailed report. Kindly check your SPAM folder. The email should arrive within a few seconds. 

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