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Expanded Team!

We are happy to announce the expansion of the NoPo team. 

We now have Dr.Vasant Chaudhary, India’s foremost expert on Catalysts to head the Catalyst design team. He has over 48 World Patents and over 300 Research Papers with an impact factor(>3) and a passionate penchant for developing new revolutionary technologies. We welcome him on-board to develop a new technology that can benefit every field of science and mankind. 

We also have Dr.Sunil Gupte, who will join us from March 2012. Dr.Gupte, is an expert on high pressure Carbon Monoxide Reactors and will provide NoPo with his expertise for creating a safe and powerful reactor to produce high quality single walled carbon nanotubes. We welcome him to our fold. 

Update (Aug-2011): We’ll only be going with Dr.Vasant for now.

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