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Why we need Carbon Nanotubes? (CNCNC)

Carbon Nanotubes are a fine creation of human intelligence. They are particles with a highly controlled size. At NoPo, we focused on developing Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes with a diameter tolerance of +/- 0.2nm.

At NoPo, We are driven by a vision to enable every human to access space and this requires the basic building blocks to be easily accessible.

This building block is a solid made of interconnected Carbon Nanotubes. Within NoPo, this is referred to as “CNCNC”. A brand new material that finally gives access to the promised strength and modulus of Nanotubes in practical structures. The material is capable of withstanding high temperatures, ultra low temperatures, high pressure, radiation while being extremely strong and light in weight. This is the perfect material for building spacecraft of the present and future.

The CNCNC material offers a huge upgrade and offers significant mass savings in applications such as Aerospace, automobiles and eventually space structures. This is why we need the Nanotubes and they are finally here.

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